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We understand that there are differing thoughts, views and ideas within the world-wide Christian community, which is why the content of this page is extremely diverse, as we aim to have something for everyone.

If you would like a testimony or story published, please send us a copy and we will publish it, if it meets the following criteria:

The testimony or story is less than 30 minutes, interesting & in an MP3 format. It should also have a brief explanation of less than 50 words.

  • The testimony or story glorifies Christ.
  • The testimony or story encourages the believer towards Christ.
  • The testimony or story encourages the non believer towards Christ.
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These Blind Eyes Now See – As a young woman Marilyn Ford became blind, during this time she met her husband. After ten years of marriage she received the miracle of her sight. Her personal physician said, “Marilyn it’s obvious that you can see, but medically you are still blind.” clicktolisten

Spiritualism – If you know anyone that messes around in the dark world of spiritualism, this incredible testimony by a Scottish lady called Sadie Bryce is a MUST…….clicktolisten

The Homosexual & Lesbian  Lifestyle 2 – 19 years of age from a middle class community in the Bible belt of America, listen to this first hand testimony.  clicktolisten

Iron Curtain Prisoner - This is the testimony of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who was a prisoner for 14 years in a cell 30ft below ground level. His only crime was being a Christian Pastor in a communist country……..   clicktolisten

The Walled City As a single young lady Jackie Pullinger committed her life to serve the people within the walled city in Hong Kong. The walled city was approximately one third of a mile square, with no law, no electricity no water, and just one toilet. The walled city had over 30,000 residents of addicts, prostitutes, gangsters and other criminals………  clicktolisten

Muslim Aristocrat - This is the testimony of Madame Sheikh, who was a Muslim aristocrat in India. When she decided to become a Christian her family told her you will be attacked and persecuted, your family friends and children, will never set eyes on you again!   clicktolisten

Hitler’s Holocaust – This is the story of a Jewish man Arie Ben Kane. Ninety percent of his relatives were gassed in the Auswitch concentration camp. His mother was in the Belsen concentration camp, and she was the only one to survive the holocaust. Find out why he lives in Germany with his German wife….clicktolisten

Gloria Gaynor- International Entertainerclicktolisten

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This is the testimony of: Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821

© Coral Ridge. Used with permission Dr James Kennedy.clicktolisten

Pontius Pilate a message from the grave.

© Coral Ridge. Used with permission Dr James Kennedy….clicktolisten

Twice Pardoned – In high school this young man was an all state athlete, with numerous offers of scholarship, but after getting involved with the wrong crowd, he found himself serving two life sentences for a murder and robbery he didn’t commit……..   clicktolisten

Philosopher – Derek Prince had an Etonian education with the English royalty. He majored in philosophy until he found a more enlightened path….. clicktolisten

Living with Disability – When Joni Eareckson Tada was just a teenager, she had an accident whilst diving. She broke her neck, and was paralysed from the shoulders down. People know her for the talent she has as a mouth artist, she has written fourteen books, and is an inspiration to many people around the world.  clicktolisten

The White House - This is the story of a man who after growing up in humble surroundings fulfilled the American dream having a meteoric career, and being catapulted into the Oval Office to advise the President of the United States. After the Oval Office it was prison, to find out why just click the button…..clicktolisten

Missionary to China - This testimony is the life story of Gladys’s Aylwood who was a missionary to China, a truly remarkable woman, who had over 100 babies…..  clicktolisten

Jesus the Jewish Messiah - This testimony is from a very successful Jewish businessman named Stan Telchin. When Mr Telchin’s daughter became a Christian, he took a long holiday to study the Bible, to prove to his daughter that Jesus is NOT the Jewish Messiah, prophesied in the Old Testament….   clicktolisten

The Homosexual & Lesbian Lifestyle 1 – This is the heart felt first hand testimony, of how a young woman feels that the make up of her sexuality took place.   clicktolisten

Plane Crash in Tenerife - The gripping testimony of how Norman Wilson escaped from a burning passenger plane, on the small Spanish island……. clicktolisten

The Massacre & The Mercy – How would your church react if you were having a nice cosy service on a Sunday, and a gang of gunmen rushed into the building, and started indiscriminately firing live ammunition into the members of the congregation? Find out what happened in this church in Africa………   clicktolisten

Plane Crash in Tenerife Part 2 - The gripping testimony of how Norman Wilson escaped from a burning passenger plane, on the small Spanish island……. clicktolisten

Fighter Pilot – Russell O’Quinn teaches new generation top gun jet fighter pilot’s, listen to his amazing and amusing testimony of his life, his work, and how he found the Lord.  clicktolisten

Golf to God – This is the story of a German from Munich, his father was a bricklayer and his clothes were hand me downs from his elder brother, he went on to win the Masters, the greatest golfing tournament in the world. Find out what motivates this great  golfer…….  clicktolisten

Elvis Presley - This testimony is from Rick Stanley, Elvis Presley’s step brother. Rick did sex drugs rock and roll, and the whole nine yards with Elvis, before he became a Christian….. clicktolisten

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