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© 2000 Glory to God (International)

This script is protected by international copyright law.
This script is available for you to use subject to the terms of this copyright statement.

1. This script is made available free of charge, you have our permission to use this script for the purpose of teaching the Bible story, in conjunction with The Glory Story picture cd or the free online picture library. No other use of this script is permitted, all rights reserved. No part of this script may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronical, mechanical, photocopying recording, or otherwise.

2. This script can be downloaded for the purpose of translation, into a language that is not already published on this website. We will only review a FULL set of Old Testament & New Testament translations. If the translation passes our quality control and is published on this website, it is understood that the translator releases all copyright and intellectual property rights, in favour of Glory to God (International) without further consideration.

The above statement has been put in place, to help Glory to God (International)
achieve its mission goal of teaching all nations, The Bible Story.

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