If you are a missionary .you can purchase a Glory Story licence, that allows you to use all of The Glory Story products, in printed and multi
media formats in the licensed language/s.

To view a Glory Story Missionary Licence

If you are a mission organisation and require a licence for your field workers please contact us.

We also offer a distributor and a broadcasters licence in English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese & Spanish.

We have just become aware of the great collection of biblical illustrations you have.

Thank you
Ann Eckert

The Glory Story 01

“The Glory Story DVD’s were absolutely fantastic....They were absolutely great because they give you the Big Picture of the Bible"

Bishop Malcolm Smith
Unconditional Love
TX 78003

The Glory Story 02

The Glory Story could become the next Jesus film project….

Geoff Knott
Director Wycliffe Bible translators

I like these chrono resources as a resource for those learning chronological Bible storying and who are that familiar with the continuing story and how the stories are linked. So it is an excellent way to get that overview perspective before going to selected key stories along the chronology, and knowing how these key stories are related and linked.


I am the executive director of the International Orality Network. Our vision to to “influence the Body of Christ to make disciples of all oral learners”.

Your resources could be a help to people around the world who want to use pictures with the chronological Bible stories they are telling to people who can’t, don’t, or won’t read. I am wondering what the restrictions are on using the pictures. Could you inform me?

Avery Willis
Executive Director
International Orality Network

The Glory Story 03
The Glory Story 04

I'm using these wonderful images in my Children's church class tonight. We're talking about Saul and David and these were really the only pictures I found on line that weren't the typical David and Goliath. I will be purchasing some more for sure! Thanks!

LaShawn Wainwright
Campus Missions International church
Northern Illinois

I want to congratulate you on the excellent idea of creating something so visual and simple to convey the overall message of the Bible and The Gospel!

Mario Nicolaou
SAT-7 TV Media Services

I am, very keen to get the word out there about The Glory Story, by word of mouth and via the internet. I’m thinking of putting together a website on Bible resources for the homeschooler. Will let you know as I get further along on that project.

Faithe Thomas
The Master Design
801 State Route 94 E
Fulton, KY 42041

The Glory Story 05

I plan to use puppets in conjunction with the Glory Story pictures. Puppets are a wonderful draw to people of all ages. Our puppet team is welcomed to secular events and facilities because everyone is excited to have a “puppet show” at their event. Puppets also can get by with lip-sync singing as no one else can so you can take pre-recorded music of all kinds to provide musical talent which is another draw for people. Puppets can add just a bit of humor – which people of all ages love.

Luann Keller
Wee Worship Puppet Co
228 Mill Street
Taylors, SC 29687
(864) 313-1754
(864) 244-9970 Fax

"The Glory Story provides a powerful tool for our field teams. It offers them a video overview of the Bible that can be dubbed into the language of their people group. In addition, it gives them a large resource of pictures to use in bringing translated Scripture to life and for follow up literacy work."

Vernon Wittenbach VMS (Visual media services) Wycliffe Bible translators


The Glory Story 06

I'm in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.  I'm hoping to translate the script into Indonesian and use the pictures to make videos that can be watched on cell phones.  If possible, I would like to start with Indonesian and then make them in several of the local languages as well.  I'm SO glad that you have these pictures available for so cheap!  My 2 Indonesian friends who live with me think they're really beautiful, too.


The Glory Story 07

I am interested in the images that are available for the Glory Story. I work with a mission organization involved in translation work in Africa. I am looking at ways to produce media tools in different media formats using recorded audio of the local languages.

I see a great potential for using still images and audio to develop media tools. I was wondering if permission is given to use the images in booklets that can be used in literacy work, in video clips with the text recorded in the local language, as flipcharts, etc.

Any information you can provide will be much appreciated.

Thank you
Keith Wright

We are ABWE missionaries in South Africa working with the Xhosa tribal people.  The children I teach have very little English.  I teach them on Sunday mornings and have started to teach them the Chronological Bible Method so the pictures work out great!  I put them on card stock and have them laminated.  I can then print out my lesson in English and Xhosa and tape it to the back of my flashcard.  I love the sequence of the glory story and the detail of the pictures. 
Your pictures seem to due justice to the Biblical time of the people, Biblical content and detail.  I was thrilled to find them online.  I am creating a nice library of flash cards!

Thank You!
Wayne, Sue & Craig Royse
Reaching the Xhosa People for Christ

The Glory Story 08
The Glory Story 09

The Glory Story is a pictorial/narrative presentation of the major stories of the Bible on two DVDs. For largely illiterate societies, like the people who inhabit the vast stretches of rural Nepal, this is the type of project that can clearly present a solid, biblical context for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is our privilege to produce and distribute The Glory Story in Nepal as a living memorial to our friend Cathy Myer for the glory of the Lord – who she now worships face to face.

The Glory Story 10

I'm a Bible translator with Wycliffe Bible Translators and work with the Wounaan people of Panama and Colombia.  We finished the New Testament translation some years ago and I'm currently doing several projects that their churches have asked for that will equip them for outreach in their villages.

We've done some DVD projects already (Jesus Film, etc.), and I'd like to do some Bible
stories in their language with The Glory Story pictures.  I have some similar tools that Wycliffe has provided but thought your materials would be a great resource for the Wounaan churches to decide on what they'd like to do. 

Blessings, and Thanks,
Ron Binder

The Glory Story 11

I am a member of SIL and Wycliffe Bible Translators. I think your product is what I have been looking for. We have started producing PowerPoint presentations with images and text but have had trouble finding the right pictures and text. We would prefer using translated Scripture if possible. After the story is translated it is digitally recorded and put into PowerPoint. Then the PowerPoint is converted into VCDs to distribute.

We are working on 40+ languages in Cameroon. I would like to interact with someone in your organisation to see how we might be able to work the appropriate arrangement.
Yours in Christ,

Ron Thwing

Approximately 8 months ago I received my certificate for church school training to become a Sunday School teacher.I selected to teach the junior girls between the ages of 9-11. After sitting in class for approximately a month I noticed that the children were bored and non responsive.

I knew that there had to be a better way of communicating with them rather than just reading the lesson.  I immediately started looking for material that could help make the lesson interesting.  I checked with the public library as well as the college library where I work, but I could not seem to find anything that coincided with the lesson plan. 

I then decided to further my search by searching online. That’s when I discovered “The Glory Story.”   Since we have been using the Glory Story the Bible has now come to life.  The children look forward to seeing it. If a child gets to Sunday school late and we have already shown it, they are disappointed that they did not get to see it.  This encourages them to get to Sunday school on time.  The Glory Story is an excellent tool that brings the Bible to life. 

Second Missionary Baptist Church Jacksonville Florida.

The Glory Story 12
The Glory Story 14

Thank you for making me aware of this tool, or set of tools. I can see that The Glory Story would have value, especially for new mother tongue translation teams and the people for whom they are translating.

Ron Gebauer


I work in the Vernacular Media Department (VMS) of SIL. One of our functions is to help Bible translators find resources that would be appropriate to use in minority language groups. 

I'm hopeful that we, your office and my office, can come to a working agreement that will benefit people of every tribe, tongue and nation.

In Him,

Nyla      <'   ))) ><
Vernacular Media Services

Nyla Nelson, our Pacific region liaison, has shared with me your communications and the interest of some of our VMS staff in the “The Glory Story.”   We have just ordered the Glory Story DVDs and the Picture Gallery CDs for the Old and New Testament.  The VMS personnel are asking for resources that have more visuals with each story, which appears to be what Glory Story provides. We look forward to reviewing the film and illustrations, and providing a written description for our VMS field staff.

Since our role here at JAARS is to provide vision and leadership for vernacular media within the Wycliffe and SIL family of organizations, I felt it was a good time to introduce myself and offer to help centralize communications with Glory to God (International). 

For the CCCI products (Jesus Film, Luke, and Genesis) we at JAARS are often involved with the recording and quality check the final product to make sure it meets their criteria. 

My intention, and the mission of VMS at JAARS, is to develop working relationships with organizations that require contractual agreements and encourage unity of purpose in the use of media tools.  Please let me know what you would like us to do in helping you to fulfill the portion of the commission God has given each of you. 

Thank you for your time

The Glory story 13
The Glory Story 15
The Glory Story 16
The Glory Story 19

I am the counsel time person for the Awana programs at ParkSide Church in Waconia, MN. I use the pictures each week in a power point presentation as I tell the story that goes with the pictures.
I find the pictures very effective in helping the children to remember and pay attention to the bible story.

Rose Laugerman

I'm using these wonderful images in my Children's church class tonight. We're talking about Saul and David and these were really the only pictures I found on line that weren't the typical David and Goliath. I will be purchasing some more for sure! Thanks!

LaShawn Wainwright
Campus Missions International church
Northern Illinois

The Glory Story 18

The producers let me see some of these products as they were under development and, frankly, they're incredible.

Doug Lucas
Brigada Missions Newsletter

I believe that God will bring changes to nations through what you do, I am working with Children here in Sudan we called it king's kids for children’s ministry. We see this programme will help us to teach them the word of God through The Glory Story using pictures to tell the real story of life.

Thanks, God be with you in my prayers.

Aboud for Sudan
jouangdit tong jouangdittong(AT)yahoo.com

We are eager to make your fine program get wide viewing by secular audiences


Brian Kelley

The Glory Story 17

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