Chronological Bible School

Chronological Bible School
Genesis to Revelation in chronological order on just two dvd’s!
TWO Covenants, TWO dvd’s, TWO hours (12 x 10 minute segments) ONE Story...... The Glory Story!

Churches home groups walk through the Bible in only four three hours!
Never before, has there been such an easy to understand, overview of the Bible!

The Chronological Bible School presentation takes just three hours to complete. Two hours for the Old Testament and one hour for the New Testament. This Chronological presentation of the Bible can take place on a Saturday starting at 11.00 am and finishing at 2.30 pm which includes a half hour lunch break. Alternatively you may choose to run the course over two evenings the Old Testament on the first evening and the New Testament on the second evening. The course also lends itself to being broken into five sessions three 40 minute Old Testament sessions Z OT front cover webfollowed by two 30 minute New Testament sessions. Z NT front cover web

In the Old Testament survey we connect all of the Old Testament books together in chronological order, (except the book of Job) to tell just one story from Genesis to Jesus. In the New Testament we share the birth life and miracles of Christ, then the arrest trial crucifixion resurrection and ascension of Christ. For the rest of the New Testament we chronologically date the book of Acts and also include at what point Paul wrote his letters in the book of Acts

We have also included and chronologically date the Roman Emperors as the story unfolds. Starting with Augustus the first Roman Emperor in 27 B.C. Followed by Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Galba, Otho, Vitelius, Vespasian, and lastly Vespasian’s son Titus, in 70 A.D.

This Old and New Testament survey can be taught by a person with no Bible knowledge whatsoever using just one DVD and one page of instructions. When students have completed the Chronological Bible School they will then have access to the online Exegesis Bible School.

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The Glory Story DVD set is only 19.90. The Chronological Bible School teacher pack costs just 29.95, this permits you to teach classes of up to 10 people at a single location. The price includes the Old & New Testament DVD set, and the course instructor’s manual. Postage is free world wide.

To teach C.B.S. to a group of more than 10 people, please apply for a C.B.S Group License.

To translate C.B.S. into another language, please apply for a C.B.S Translators License.

CBS New Testament Instructors Notes

U.K only

In the U.K. a trained chronological Bible teacher can visit your fellowship to teach the Chronological Bible on a Saturday. Please see the CBS brochure for the course content. The course fee is only 15 per student which includes all worksheets and a finger buffet lunch. The OT course starts at 11.00 and finishes at 1.00. The NT course starts after lunch at 1.30 and finishes at 2.30. All the chronological Bible teachers are ex criminals whose lives have been transformed by a relationship with Jesus Christ ie: ex drug dealers, ex serial offenders, ex burglars, ex prostitutes, ex armed robbers etc.

If you ask your chronological Bible teacher nicely he/she may stay over and share their inspirational testimony of God’s saving grace with your group on the Sunday. The main emphasis of each testimony is; God can and will transform your life! God has a unique plan for you!

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